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Bracketology Makes Me Sad

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Bracketology – ESPN.

Dana O’Neil: An inside look at a blueblood on the bubble – ESPN.

This makes me sad for many reasons.

  1. You’ll notice that the only time Kentucky appears in this bracket is in reference to Western Kentucky. While WKU makes me happy, UK should be there as well.
  2. SEC only has 3 teams in the mix predicted. Why does that matter? Well, despite my detest for dispicable teams like Florida, I will always cheer for an SEC team over a non-SEC team. It makes the conference look good.
  3. Pac-10 and Mountain West both have 5 teams. They get 5. SEC gets 3. Seriously, what has happened to basketball?

Am I a basketball snob? Yes. Yes.  I. Am.

I’m going to go cry until 1pm tomorrow when I leave for Spring Training and then get to be happy again until the reality sinks in on Sunday night that Kentucky, without a miracle, will not be going to the NCAA tournament this year.

However, seeing as how God is a Kentucky basketball fan, there is part of me that remains hopefully–even if no one took my prayer request for them to make it seriously this week.

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Told You SEC is Better Than ACC

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Apparently we can even clinch our share of the ACC regular season title.

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LSU Clinches Share of ACC Title

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I <3 Jodie Meeks (still)

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Meeks leads Kentucky over Arkansas 79-63

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Crying Time

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The Cinderellas are dancin’!

So, in the Mid-West and the West brackets, the 12 and 13 seeds will play for a spot in the Sweet 16. That means that there will be two 12 or 13 seeds (or one of each) in the Sweet 16. How awesome is that?! Nevermind my brackets.

(As a side note, if you don’t know what I’m talking about right now, you may want to stop reading. It’s basketball. college ncaa. march madness. anything ring a bell?)

So, truth is, I really don’t care about most of those 12-13 seeds. My brackets would be a lot happier if “most” of them didn’t win. However, the one I picked, and the one I care about is the WKU (Western Kentucky University). I was reading Rob Carpenter, of The Muckrakers, blog and he summed it up pretty good (who is also a WKU alum).

Are you kidding me?

With 5.7 seconds left in overtime, WKU – my alma mater and the birthplace of our band – was down by 1 to Drake. Momentum had left the Hilltoppers’ side a long long time ago. They had blown a 16 point second half lead and barely made it to overtime against the favored Drake Bulldogs. They looked flat. More turnovers than points. Stupid fouls. They were having troubles with the Drake full court press. Their luck had run out. Then again, they weren’t supposed to win. They were a 12 seed. Drake was a 5. Ce la vie.

What does all that have to do with crying? Well, I cried twice this week. Not full on crying, but just eyes watering up crying. I cried with Kentucky lost to Marquette. Now, by the final few seconds, I knew they were going to lose, but come on CBS, did you really have to pan to Joe Crawford sitting on the bench crying, while his teammates were trying to shield him from you? I mean, the guy carried the team, score 35 points or something like that, and he’s a Senior. That was it. The year we weren’t supposed to be in the tournament they fought their way in there and to have it all end like that, was just heart-breaking. So yes. I cried. Thanks a lot CBS!

Now, I’ve cried with my team lost plenty of times. High school softball games I played, H.S. basketball games I watched. College basketball games at WKU, Kentucky basketball games in front of the TV. I do it. Not a lot, but I do occassionally.

The second time I cried came yesterday. Wait? Didn’t I just say my team won? Yep, they sure did and I STILL cried! I was so worked up. So emotionally invested in this game. So prepared for it to fall the other direction , that when that last shot went in, all that emotion and everything built up in me just came out…tears included, because, rest assured, if they had lost, I would have cried too.

I don’t think I’ve ever cried when my team won. Check out the below and see if it doesn’t make you just want to cry.

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