"Prose is architecture, not interior decoration, and the Baroque is over." -Ernest Hemingway

Ben Breedlove’s Courage

These videos tell an amazing story of Ben Breedlove's life. There isn't much more to say except watch this this two part video. Part 1 Part 2 It also tells an amazing story of his death. Ben Breedlove died this past Christmas, 2011, … [Continue reading]

Manage Facebook Page on Android

Maybe I'm behind, or just chalk this up to me being incredibly dumb, but when I first heard about Facebook's update to their Android App a few months ago and that it contained a way to update Pages, I was really happy. That is, until I tried to … [Continue reading]

Movie-Going Experience

movie night

I went to see Midnight in Paris a few weeks ago.  If you are a fan of literature, art and music, you'll probably enjoy it on some levels. It's a good movie but I wasn't sure about it at first. On one hand, you have a Woody Allen movie which is always … [Continue reading]

Google+ Plus Still Needs…

google plus

  If you haven't got yourself into Google+ yet, keep trying. I hear they are opening it up to anyone and then closing it off. So you're best bet is to keep trying or if you want, I'll send you something as way of an invitation and try to … [Continue reading]

Writing Tools: WordPress Mobile Apps

writing tools - wordpress mobile

In keeping things brief in the previous post, I omitted one other major advantage to using WordPress for writing. The WordPress Mobile App for your iPhone, iPad or Android phone, and pretty much any other type of phone you have. Here is the … [Continue reading]

Writing Tools: WordPress

writing tools - wordpress

Another tool I use for writing is WordPress. There is so much I could say about WordPress that could take me days or even weeks, but I'm going to attempt to keep this brief. WordPress is free software you can use to create a blog or even a website, … [Continue reading]

Writing Tools: Evernote

Writing Tools - Evernote

I mentioned in my last post that I've begun to intentionally set aside time to write something each day, or at least most days. One of the things I struggle with most is that I'll have the greatest idea in the world, but forget it before I get in the … [Continue reading]

Writing Re-Focus

I've been reading the book Quitter by Jon Acuff (affiliate link). It's a book about how to connect your day job and your dream job and Jon's story of going through eight jobs in eight years, which he doesn't recommend. It's really less about … [Continue reading]

Yesterday’s News: Lip-Syncing Edition

Hillary Clinton Karaoke

Lawmakers Propose Bill To Make Lip-Syncing Online Illegal...as if they have nothing better to do. Of course, remembering some karaoke night experiences I've at the Mucky Duck, this could be a good thing if people aren't allowed to record and put … [Continue reading]

Interview with Karl Ravech of Baseball Tonight

Karl Ravech of ESPN Baseball Tonight

If you've ever watched ESPN, there is a good chance you've seen Baseball Tonight. And if you've ever seen Baseball Tonight, you've probably seen Karl Ravech, who has been the host for the past 17 years. I had a chance to interview him over at Frisco … [Continue reading]