Best Free Software

Support Open Source. Use Firefox.

On nearly a daily basis I get asked about different computer software. What’s the best anti-virus? How can I get rid of this spyware? What should I use to organize my picture? A few years ago I came across this website, bookmarked it and it has hands-down been the best site I ever saved. It’s Gizmo’s Freeware Reviews. You may have seen it, but if not, stop what you are doing and bookmark it now. You’ll save yourself (and me) a lot of time.

Essentially the site reviews different free software for all sorts of things and then gives reviews and recommendations on the best software for different needs. Seriously, any type of software you could need for your computer is probably here. It’s not an old list either. It gets updated frequently and sometimes changes if something better comes along. It’ll lay out the pros and cons and give you safe links to download the software from. It’s not all open-source, but it is free. But if you have a choice, choose open-source.

If you’re not a “computer person” do yourself and your friends and relatives a favorite and bookmark this site.

For the record, some of my personal favorites I’ve found here are:

Anti-Virus: Avast!

Spyware Remover: Super AntiSpyware

Image Editor: GIMP

FTP Client: FileZilla

Parental Filter: K9 Web

Uninstaller: MyUninstaller

Photo Organizing: Picasa

Media Player: VLC